Company History

In 2003 while living in Italy, New Zealand born Matthew Comb volunteered to develop the communication mechanisms for a piece of open source software used world wide.

A Dutch developer, by the name of Gerard Slurink based in Finland, volunteered to work with Matt and develop the other half of the mechanism in order to donate it to the development community.

The project was a success and while working together over the space of 3 months, it became apparent that Matt and Gerard made a great team.

By a chance of fate later that year, Matt and Gerard found themselves in the same small town of Lahti Finland. Not even the frosty temperature of 22 degrees below were enough to stem Matt's enthusiasm towards Application Hosting and in 2004 Matt returned to New Zealand to form Fern New Zealand Ltd, with Gerard joining as Technical Director of the company.

Over the past 3 years Fern New Zealand has grown in size to employ 12 people and has developed inhouse software and undergone projects / development for enterprise level companies such as Navman New Zealand and eCargo.