About our Company

Fern New Zealand is a New Zealand based IT company providing Business Information Solutions to companies from all different industries in New Zealand and overseas.

Employing talented professionals from around the world, Fern New Zealand presents its customers with the latest technologies and excellent levels of service and support.

Fern New Zealand sees its mission as being able to introduce best practice into the day to day business operations of its clients, creating outstanding and yet affordable business solutions based on Fern New Zealandís suite of products. Fern New Zealand solutions are not off-the-shell applications, but are tailored business solutions built to best suit the needs of each individual customer. Our solutions aim to help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers and increase efficiency in daily operations.

At Fern New Zealand we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of services from full maintenance and support of our business solutions, through to hosting and network monitoring.

It is Fern New Zealandís philosophy to work for our customers to help them uncover their full business potential through using intelligent IT solutions and to reach the next stage of their business development. The success of our customers is the best measure for our success.