Flexible Software Makes Business Simple

Innovative North Shore company Fern New Zealand has a proven record of successfully helping customers to run their businesses efficiently.

This progressive Application Service Provider (ASP) develops computer-based business information solutions for companies across a wide range of industries in New Zealand and Australia.

Using the company’s FernWork architecture, a range of modules can be customised to the exact infrastructure requirements of each client.

Web-based FernWork solutions encompass an “information anywhere” concept and aim to help businesses build stronger customer relationships whilst also bringing efficiency to their business infrastructure.

Managing Director, Matthew Comb says FernWork solutions are hosted on Fern New Zealand remote servers installed in a secure data centre, ensuring redundancy backups and 24 by 7 uptime.

A wide range of functionalities from dynamic websites to point-of-sale and job management solutions are provided and customers are also offered services ranging from software development to full maintenance, hosting and support of their business solutions.

“The advantage of FernWork solutions is that they are accessible remotely through the web browser giving business owners freedom to run their business from anywhere in the world without having to worry about data and system configurations. It’s Fern New Zealand’s goal to solve the problems businesses have in juggling the cost and overheads of technology, whilst trying to grow.”

Mr Comb says by leveraging FernWork across multiple companies Fern New Zealand makes it economical for firms to adopt the infrastructure which perfectly matches their requirements.

“By leveraging our core system and support mechanisms we are able to provide customised solutions competitively priced against off-the-shelf solutions while also offering absolute flexibility to meet the individual needs of our customers.”

As technology changes, Fern continues to apply industry best standards through regular FernWork updates dstributed to the customer seamlessly. These updates are included as part of the service and ensure that a customer’s commitment to infrastructure is always money well spent.

Some benefits of FernWork are that it is:
  • Modular - Can be implemented piece by piece to match individual requirements.
  • Scalable - Will grow with you when required.
  • Flexible - Offers efficiency into day-to-day operations.
  • Robust - During three years of development it has acquired a number of happy customers throughout Australasia.
  • Mobile - Enables you to access important information from anywhere.
  • Secure - Information will be safe at all times.
  • Affordable - Provides access to the latest technology available.
Mr Comb says FernWork’s architecture is a perfect solution for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) which want to capitalise on their own intellectual property but don’t want to operate according to someone else’s rules as is the usual case with off-the-shelf products.

Cases in point

An example of a FernWork module is FernMerchant, aimed at the infrastructure of wholesalers or other businesses offering products to their business customers. Web-based FernMerchant encompasses online ordering and can be integrated with existing accounting packages to increase communication efficiency and reduce paper work for any business with a wide client base.

For example, New Zealand company SnapperNet (Snapper Network Distributors) who already had a website for dealing with customers and handling orders, decided to make the move to a more integrated solution. Snapper now has one interface for managing product information viewable on the website, coordinating customer support, handling online ordering and return requests and producing a product catalogue at the click of a button. Snapper dealers also gain the ability to communicate with their supplier through a secure online interface.

Another Fern product is the FernPOS point-of-sales software solution for small retail stores. This is a complete retail management solution that enables remote data access and in-store sales management. FernPOS has proven popular with owners who choose to manage their stores off-site.

It enables shops to keep in touch with their customers and also monitor the profitability of products and stock movements, to make sure the most popular items are always in store.

An example of FernPOS being successfully applied can be found at Egg Maternity retail franchises which operate in New Zealand and Australia. The Egg Maternity franchise store in Brisbane won a business excellence award in December last year for innovation and excellence in customer service, and credited some of its success to FernPOS allowing the owner to manage three stores in Australia remotely, with up-to-the-second updates.

It is Fern New Zealand’s intention to make leading edge technology available to SMEs, and make them competitive with the big players.

Sales and marketing manager, Tatiana Voinova says “We are committed to helping the small-medium business market by bringing down IT-related costs with smarter information systems which don’t sacrifice on flexibility.”

“Our philosophy is to help our customers uncover their full business potential by using intelligent IT solutions so they can effortlessly reach the next stage of their business development.”