Fern New Zealand has a number of solutions suitable for large organisations that are looking for an enterprise information management solution. By analysing your corporate structure, environment and information requirements we design solutions to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of communication internally as well as externally with customers and suppliers.

FernWork allows you to model your information, providing up-to-the minute business information to those that need it. You can give customers and suppliers access to information that is relevant to them through secure web portals. Stay connected with up-to-date information available at your fingertips.


FernJobs is a complete job tracking, quoting and invoicing system and can be fully integrated with FernCRM providing a solid interface for scheduling your workload and becoming more customer driven.

Organise all of your customers and contact information from one piece of software and have the flexibility of running it from wherever you like. Ideal for the active business person who works from home or does a lot of travelling.

A powerful add-on to FernPOS, FernMerchant enables you to sell products online with a simple to use interface that will allow you to edit your product listings and maintain electronic sales.

Developed for the IT Service Industry, FernMonitor's light yet powerful client software will report on the complete status of a PC. It includes over 5000 important pieces of technical information that are automatically analysed to report any system problems. FernMonitor provides a scalable, flexible way of determining your customer's or company's PC issues before they become a problem.