Our Partners

At Fern New Zealand we recognise the importance of building mutually beneficial partnerships with the distributors of our products, services and support packages.

We are constantly working on developing competitive solutions and products, supported by sales and marketing material. We take care of the design, implementation and hosting services of our solutions to provide our distribution partners with comprehensive products to offer to their clients.

Becoming a reseller of Fern New Zealand Products and Solutions you will be able to expand your target market and benefit from sales and referral commissions. Using Quick Quiz you can find out more about how our products can be used by your customers.

If you are a web designer and would like to provide your customers with additional functionality, the FernWork solution is the ideal tool to use. Packages within FernWork enable businesses to become proactive in communicating with their customers and managing business information effectively. The FernWork engine is easily integrated with existing websites. In no time at all, we will be able to create a customised solution for your clients, converting a static website into a dynamic infrastructure.

Whether it is just a remote file management capability or a full scale e-commerce function or any other information management function your customers are looking for, the FernWork framework will have an efficient solution for you to offer to your customers.

Contact Us to discuss how you can become a Fern New Zealand distribution partner and start making the most of these additional benefits for you and your customers.