A Safe Investment

Unfortunately it is a common scenario where a customer buys an "off the shelf" piece of software that doesn't perform as expected which leaves the customer feeling dissatisfied.

This is not the case with Fern New Zealand's software as it is feature rich and will continue to grow and evolve with you. From technology through to services and support, we partner directly with our clients to ensure their ongoing success. We pride ourselves on delivering innovative business software solutions that set the standard for others to follow. We work relentlessly to build excellent software that has a profound effect on the user experience by engaging, empowering and exciting users.

At Fern New Zealand we believe in our software and therefore we do not have a minimum subscription period. Fern's subscription process ensures ongoing development, upgrades and the ability to keep up with technology. This approach ensures that your commitment is money well spent.

Fern New Zealand has invested heavily in infrastructure of our own, purchasing enterprise level IBM servers and secure hosting. This is our commitment to our customers and after three years in the application service arena, we are leading the way and are here to stay!