Online Retailing eCommerce

What is possible?

Advertise your business on the internet and sell products to the world. Have your store open 24/7 and make sales while you sleep! With the FernMerchant ecommerce development solution your business can take its online transactions to the next level. FernMerchant is not an off-the-shelf product. We customise the eCommerce solution to suit your unique needs covering everything from web design to order tracking and performance reporting. Anything is possible, and we can help and guide you through the process of analysing your exact requirements.

Due to our experience in online retail and merchandising solutions we are able to leverage a lot of the technology to help your business take advantage of some of the latest innovations in eCommerce at a very competitive price.

Read on to find out more about how we can help your online business.

Management Tools

As a FernMerchant customer you will be outfitted with a suite of management tools for handling orders, customers, products, pricing, stock, etc as well as extensive reporting facilities which can aid in making operational business decisions such as when to order stock and which products should be prioritized due to high profitability.

In addition to the desktop application FernMerchant suite, you will also have extensive management and reporting facilities available online through a secure login to your eCommerce site. You can manage sales orders as well as check profit reports and other performance areas from anywhere in the world whenever you require it.

Web Design

The graphical and logical design of your online retail store is naturally an important part of branding as well as the customer experience. We work with some of the best designers from around the world which gives us a vast pool of talents with different styles at our disposal to help you find the design you desire for your eCommerce site. We have many years of software design and software integration experience and we enjoy sharing this knowledge with our customers. At Fern New Zealand we believe that our continuing commitment to emerging technologies allows us to assist our customers in finding the best possible solution for their web applications. We can help you design a high performance custom eCommerce site that gets the job done and we support what we sell!

You might already have a website with a design you want to extend into the eCommerce site, which our designers can also help with, or you might have some ideas for a new design that you want to incorporate into the design of the eCommerce website.

Online Product Presentation

Product presentation is crucial and we design your unique online layouts to your liking using templates that can then be reapplied over any number of your products. This means you don't have to use html or any other kind of graphic design tools for managing your online products. Simply select one of your pre-designed layouts when adding a new product or change it for an existing one.

In the management application you can easily assign complimentary products to other products which are used to entice the customer and enhance the shopping experience for the customer. For example, you may wish to offer a box of chocolates as a complimentary product to a bouquet of flowers.

Selection options, for products, such as sizes and colours are also easily configurable through the management application. Thus, allowing maximum flexibility in managing and presenting your product offerings online.

Customer Accounts

The first time a new customer makes a purchase on your site an account is created for the customer which they can use for return visits. The creation of an account also lets you use the customer information to do promotions and learn about customer profiles.

You can also elect to allow customers to place orders without having to create an account, which can be convenient for customers making one-off purchases. Since credit card payments are processed in real time you can be sure that any order that is placed in this way has definitely been paid for.

However there are many benefits for you and your customers in having the customer leave their details with you in the form of a permanent account. As customers typically fill in their name and address for delivery purposes anyway they might as well have an account so the information is stored for when they return to make the next purchase which will save them time in not having to re-enter their details. In addition to this, customers who have a personal account with a user login can track the status of their orders and receive personalised offers based on their profile. In the long term, this will help you to build stronger relationships with your customers.

Payment Processing

FernMerchant ingrates with leading online payment processing provider Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) which enables your online retail store to process credit card payments from all the leading credit card providers such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, etc.

The payments are verified and processed in real time, so when a customer pays using a credit card on your eCommerce site the funds are instantly designated and then deposited into your merchant bank account when the transaction has been settled, usually overnight. The fact that the funds are cleared before the order is finalized helps you to eliminate bad debt and undesired collection costs.

Depending on your credit policy, you can offer all or only selected customers alternative methods of payment and credit facilities such as cash on delivery or credit accounts that are settled on a monthly basis.

Bricks & Mortar Integration

If you are operating a physical retail store, especially if it deals in the same product range as your online store, you can gain several advantages by integrating them and sharing product, stock, customer and sales information.

Integrating your physical and online store can help you reduce overhead and enhance overview. Better stock management, more efficient customer management and a more holistic approach to performance reporting are some of the benefits on offer.

For the ultimate business integration you could consider using FernPOS, our Point of Sale solution, which is a fully integrated, all encompassing POS solution.