Online Direct Distribution

Direct distribution is a powerful way of cutting costs by bypassing one or more links in the distribution chain while enabling you to add value to your customers by effectively communicating your product offerings directly to them.

Whether you solely practice direct distribution or combine it with a chain of merchandisers, FernMerchant can help you integrate both the end customer and your resellers into your business. Integration is achieved by facilitating the sharing of information and processing of transactions such as purchase orders and many other features that can add value to both you and your customers and help build strong customer relationships.

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The preferred medium for most direct distributors is the internet. It allows your customer to access information and purchase from you in the most widely used and supported form of electronic communication today, the internet web browser.

Online Branding and Design

The graphical and logical design of your eCommerce site is naturally an important part of branding as well as the customer experience. We work with some of the best designers from around the world to design your eCommerce solution in line with your branding and special needs. If your company already has a website, we can also integrate FernMerchant into your existing company website for a more holistic customer experience.

We also design the layout and product presentations on your eCommerce site according to your unique needs.

Online Presentation

Depending on your product range you probably require a different online presentation for different products or product types in order to create the best online user experience. For example if you are selling widgets you might require a large number of different images for each product to give the customer the best and most accurate impression of the product. On the other hand if you are selling notebook computers that are customisable according to the customerís selection, you might prefer an interface that places emphasis on ease and logical user navigation with optional hardware upgrades and complimentary accessory options available for each notebook product.

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Customer Service and Relationship Building

A FernMerchant eCommerce website is not only a place where customers can get information about your offerings and place orders at their convenience. They also have access to many value adding features that are useful in your line of business. For example, the ability for customers to place product return requests, track the status of an order and view order history details online, without having to contact you directly, decreases your administrative costs and increases your support flexibility as customers can do it anytime at their convenience.

Payments and Credit Policies

By integrating with leading online payment processing provider DPS, FernMerchant processes credit card transactions in real time on your eCommerce site. This provides you with instant financial benefits because when a credit card transaction occurs the funds are cleared as soon as the order is submitted. Thus allowing you to avoid bad debt and undesired collection costs and make the most of interest earned on cleared funds.

Depending on your credit policy, you can offer all or only selected customers alternative methods of payment and credit facilities such as cash on delivery or credit accounts that are settled on a monthly basis.