Online Merchandising and Wholesaling

As a value adding importer/exporter, merchandiser or wholesaler, FernMerchant can create value for you and your customers by integrating them with your business through online order processing, information sharing and facilitation of communication.

Your company branded extranet webportal or customer windows application can provide your customers with up-to-date information about your offerings while enabling them to place their sales orders and other transactions online at their convenience. Not only can that help you reduce administrative overheads and support costs, but it also extends your flexibility in servicing your customers.

What is possible?

We customize the eCommerce solution to the exact needs of your business, allowing customers to buy online and track their order status, etc. without ever having to speak with a customer service agent. The possibilities are endless and the potential rewards significant. For example, increased efficiency, reduced costs and strengthened relationships with your customers.

Due to our experience in online retail, merchandising and wholesaling solutions we are able to leverage a lot of the technology to help your business take advantage of some of the latest innovations in business to business eCommerce solutions at a very competitive price. Our experienced software consultants will work directly with your staff to define the business requirements, review available technology and build a realistic plan for the design, development, deployment, and support of your eCommerce site.

Read on to find out more about how we can help your business.

Customer Service and Relationship Building

Your eCommerce website is not only a place where customers can get information about your offerings and place orders at their convenience but they can also have access to many value adding features applicable in your line of business which can help strengthen your relationship with the customer. For example the ability for customers to place product return requests, track an orderís status and view order history details online, without having to contact you directly, decreases your administrative overheads and increases your support flexibility as customers can do it anytime at their convenience.

Every customer has different preferences and needs and FernMerchant can help you meet your customers' changing needs by providing an alternative way of exchanging information with them. A smart-client windows application, carrying your branding and with all the same features that are available through your webportal, can run directly on their office or notebook computer. This means that your latest product updates and offers are never more than a click away and can be ordered within seconds. This is seen as a major benefit for your most valued customers, who frequently do business with you, and a better way of meeting the needs of customers who simply prefer an application over a website.

Of course every customer login to a webportal or customer windows application is secure and administrated by you through the FernMerchant Management Suite.

Management Reporting and Control Facilities

As a FernMerchant customer you will be outfitted with a suite of management tools, in one integrated solution, for handling orders, customers, products, pricing, stock, etc as well as extensive reporting facilities and control mechanisms which can aid in making operational business decisions such as when to order new stock and which products should be prioritised due to high profitability.

In addition to the desktop FernMerchant Management Suite you will also have extensive managerial reporting and control facilities available online through a secure login to your eCommerce portal. You can manage sales orders as well as check profit reports and other performance areas from anywhere in the world, whenever you require it.