Management Suite

As a FernMerchant customer you will be outfitted with a suite of management tools in one integrated solution, for everything from product management to performance reporting and control facilities.

Product Management
Depending on your product ranges, you are likely to require different online presentation layouts for different products to create the best online customer experience. Our web designers create your online product layout templates which can then be re-applied to any new or existing product. Thus, assigning product designs is simple and fast and can be achieved at the click of a button in the management suite

Upgrade and selection options, for your products, can easily be configured in the management suite which gives you a very high degree of freedom and flexibility to present your products in the way you require. The number of selection options configurable for each product is unlimited and can be as simple as offering selection based on size or colour or as complex as enabling a customer to build their own computer via a selection of all the components they require..

Likewise you can easily assign complimentary products to main products in order to tempt the customer and enhance the shopping experience.

Online Management Tools

In addition to the desktop application FernMerchant suite you will also have extensive management and reporting facilities available online through a secure login to your eCommerce site. You can manage sales orders as well as check profit reports and other performance areas at the click of a button.