SnapperNet Computer Hardware Import and Distribution

FernMerchant Business Solution

FernMerchant is the integrated business information solution designed to automate the flow of information between a business and its external users such as customers, suppliers and distributors. The combination of a base framework and modular design enables cost effective development of your infrastructure and ensures the integrity of your system.

SnapperNet - Snapper Network Distributors

Richard Paul, director of Snapper Network Distributors Ltd (SnapperNet), needed an effective tool to communicate with his customers and in particular to handle product ordering and tracking in SnapperNet's distribution chain which includes over 200 dealers in New Zealand. SnapperNet is a New Zealand owned and operated company distributing a range of data communication products via their value added re- sellers and system integrators.

“When we decided to create a set of online business tools to improve workflow and enhance communication with our customers, we turned to Fern New Zealand for help.”

“What impressed me most was their ability to focus on the business case. Instead of trying to offer an off-the-shelf product, they were able to clearly define the needs of our users and our customers before building the product.”

Richard Paul, Director.

The challange

In order to build a successful business information solution for SnapperNet, Fern New Zealand started the project by analysing the processes and information flow within the company and communication channels with dealers and customers. It was also important to understand the long-term strategy of the company, in order to ensure that the solution being offered would be able to adapt as the business grew over time.

The Solution

Fern New Zealand proposed to upgrade the existing SnapperNet website by overlaying it onto the FernWork framework and building a management console to manage information about SnapperNet’s products and distributors.

Product information is now loaded from an existing SnapperNet accounting package directly into the new Snapper management console. Product information on the Snapper website is displayed directly from the Snapper management console, which means that product prices are managed centrally in the accounting package.

The upgraded SnapperNet website provides:

  • Up-to- date product prices on the web
  • Content management (e.g. news, web-promotions, dealer info)
  • Full online product catelog
  • Search engine optimization with every page and product indexed by Google
  • Online forms (e.g. reseller request)
  • A subscription to a newsletter
  • A secure website area for Dealers
SnapperNet dealers have been provided with individual logins to enable them to access a secure website area. With the new system all the dealers are able to receive product information from one source and raise and view the status of Return Authorisations (RA) for product returns.

The latest functionality developed for SnapperNet dealers is online product ordering accompanied by an email notification.

The secure ‘Dealers only’ website area provides the ability to:
  • Log and view Return Authorisations
  • Browse supporting information
  • (e.g. hardware drivers, manuals)
  • Place and view product orders online
  • Review terms and conditions of trade
  • Log Suggestions on products and services
The Snapper Management Console manages:
  • Products (prices, descriptions, categories, stock, etc)
  • Return Authorisations
  • Dealers account info (incl. logons)
  • Product orders
  • Internal communication (Notes, phonecall logs, etc)
Future Steps

Fern New Zealand has established a long-term relationship with SnapperNet and continues working on developing their business infrastructure further.

Future plans for SnapperNet include developing the dealer interface and the Snapper Management Console further by automating different aspects of ‘supplier–reseller’ communication channels. FernWork solutions are specifically designed to develop as the business does and the SnapperNet solution will continue to be developed step by step as SnapperNet progresses through the business development life cycle.

“Fern New Zealand’s understanding of how humans interact with technology is what set them aside from other options we looked at and therefore is the key to their success.”

Richard Paul, Director SnapperNet.