Ultra – better computers, better people

Ultra Computer Company Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company. Ultra manufactures and distributes the range of Ultra personal computers and other brands of network products, monitors, printers and modems. Ultra offers a two tier service structure through its network of professional computer resellers and its own support service.

Being an Intel Premier Provider (IPP), Ultra partnered with Intel NZ to launch a new online laptop builder “Your notebook. Your choice.” The system is envisaged to become a popular, user-friendly interface providing an option for Ultra customers to build their own customised notebook specification online.

The Challenge

Ultra had an existing company website which was dedicated to communication with Ultra’s network of resellers.

The challenge was to create a new website for the general public, providing an easy flow and yet comprehensive interface for building laptop specifications online.

The Solution

Fern New Zealand proposed to build a new Ultra website and a management console that would manage a database of hardware and software components to assist in the specification and building process and the generation of purchase orders online.

The new Ultra website enables:
  • Dynamic product configuration
  • A user-friendly interface to guide shoppers through the specification building process
  • Products to be ordered for purchase or quotation valid for a period of time
  • Support information on products
  • Orders & Quotes placed online to be recorded in the database and followed by an e-mail notification to the customer

The Ultra Management Console manages:
  • Product models including basic components and configuration options
  • Orders & Quotes including customer details and order status management
  • A link to other suppliers data (SnapperNet)

Future Steps

The Ultra Management Console, developed by Fern New Zealand, is flexible enough to produce online configuration builders for different types of products.

This means that once Ultra decides to launch the “Build Your Own Spec” promotion for a new product, it can simply define a new type of product in the Ultra management console, enter information about all the hardware and software components and have a new line of products ready for customisation on the web.

The “Your notebook. Your choice.” initiative by Intel and Ultra is a brilliant move towards utilising online solution capabilities and a fantastic new service being offered to customers.