How Much will it Cost?

Fern New Zealand is a Service Provider not a software development house. We offer a complete solution to our customers and appreciate the commitment they make to us when they become our customers.

Every Fern subscription includes the following:

Data Redundancy and security
Your data is stored on multiple drives in multiple secure servers, so you do not need to worry about taking backups of your local data. In the unfortunate circumstance that your point of sale machine dies, you can simply reinstall and reconnect.

Telephone Support
Our Support Staff are standing by to assist you should you have any queries or issues regarding your system. If there is a system malfunction or if you have made a mistake or need help, our support staff will be able to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

System Monitoring
Fern New Zealand employs custom monitoring systems to ensure that servers and databases are always reliable.

All product updates are provided to you as part of the service. Our current FernPOS customers have seen a raft of new features introduced over the last year, including a Club Points system and enhanced Account Management, all part of the service and at no extra cost.

Single License (RRP): $2500 + gst (Includes installation and training)
Additional License (RRP): $2000 + gst (Includes installation and training)
Service Contract (RRP): $130 + gst per month
Additional License Service Contract (RRP): $100 + gst per month