Product / Stock Management

A huge amount of work has gone into making this the most flexible Product and Stock Management interface available.

Multiple Price Brackets
By setting up multiple Price Brackets, you can reward your regular customers by offering a customer discount. If you on sell to other dealers, you can offer an automatic wholesale discount.

Advanced Tax Configuration.
Apply tax rules by System, Store or Department or on a product by product basis.

Product promotions enable you to set a period of time where a product is sold at a sale price. The recorded sale price is automatically used when the product is sold during the nominated sale period.

Stock handling is flexible. You have the choice of using the advanced stock receive method which provides a breakdown of your margin and cost figures, or you can use a simple receive method which is concerned more with maintaining stock levels.

Define your own custom fields to record specific information about your products, for example, Colour, Size, Weight etc. Clothing stores are able to assign sizes to their stock allowing them to group sales and work out which sizes are most popular.

Club Points.
The functionality exists to apply club points against a product, allowing your loyal customers to accumulate club points or to purchase products with their available points balance.