Customer Control

In retail, there is nothing more valuable than customer retention. Itís much harder to get a new customer than it is to retain one you already have.

FernPOS has a number of options that enable you to better manage your customers and ensure repeat sales.

Multiple Price Groups.
Reward your regular customers by offering them a discount on all purchases made. FernPOS allows multiple price groups to be assigned to individual products and are applied when a customer is linked to a transaction.

Complete Customer History.
A complete transaction history is available for each customer which can be very useful when a customer requests a repeat purchase of something they have previously bought.

Customer Events
The FernPOS Customer Events system is a great way to personalise your relationship with your customers. It allows you to enter important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. FernPOS will alert you with a reminder to contact the customer, giving you the option to communicate with them and even offer them a discount on their special day.

Club Points
Our impressive club points system enables you to assign points values to your products. Your customers can accumulate these points by shopping in your store. This will ensure repeat business is maximized and FernPOS will handle all records and points history for you.