Egg Maternity Clothing

FernPOS is a complete retail management solution that enables remote data access, in store sales management and online trading.

FernPOS - Features and Benefits

  • Web driven management interface
  • Barcode enabled in-store application
  • On-line e-Sales capability
  • Remote secure access to all the data
  • Up-to the minute stock level&profit reports

Egg Maternity – Essentials for Growing Girls

EGG Maternity is a franchise with retail fashion stores throughout New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines.

Barbara-Ann Ayton, Franchisee of several Egg Maternity Franchise stores in Australia, commissioned Fern New Zealand to write and install a POS software package for her EGG retail franchise fashion stores. Barbara-Ann Ayton needed a secure and reliable system to administer her stores remotely.

"I required remote administration, along with numerous reporting and administration functions that I didn’t seem to be able to find in the limited offer of commercially available packages – if I could – they were cost prohibitive for small businesses."

The Challenge

After opening her first Egg Maternity store, Barbara-Ann Ayton was spending a lot of time in the actual store monitoring product performance as well as the store’s overall performance. She noticed that product lines would be in greater demand at some times and not others and that in order to be proactive in stock management, Barbara-Ann needed to have access to up to the minute stock levels.

Barbara-Ann was often running marketing promotions popular with her customers and needed an effective way to record customer details to use as a mailing list for informing customers about news and upcoming promotions.

Planning to open more Egg Maternity stores in Australia Barbara-Ann required an effective POS system with remote management functionalities and an easy to use in-store application.

"I have been extremely happy with how smoothly the implementation of the system and peripheral hardware was. One of my staff members, who has worked for over 15 years in the retail industry, commented that it was so easy she was worried she had missed something."

Barbara-Ann Ayton, Franchisee

Business Achiever Award 2005

Barbara-Ann Ayton with her EGG Maternity franchised store in Brisbane was named as an outstanding small business operator winning the 2005 Business Achievers Award in the Fashion Category.

These Awards are an initiative of Quest Community Newspapers to recognize outstanding small businesses in the Greater Brisbane region for innovation and excellence in customer services.

Barbara-Ann Ayton, Franchisee of several EGG Maternity's franchised stores, in her submission for assessment for this Award, credited a great proportion of her success to the FernPOS system because of ease of use, and reporting facilities.

”This meant that administration of my multi-store business was able to be monitored remotely, with the reporting details current and at my fingertips, at any time of the day or night”.

Fern Works for YOUR business

Fern New Zealand’s philosophy is to work for their customers to help them to uncover their full business potential through using intelligent IT solutions. The best measure for Fern New Zealand’s success is the success of their customers.

The Solution

Fern New Zealand has provided Barbara-Ann with a Point-Of-Sales solution, enabling remote management, comprehensive reporting and an easy to use in-store application.

With FernPOS, Barbara-Ann now has access to up-to-date sales information in all three of her stores simply by logging on to the internet from the comfort of her home-office or anywhere in the world. She can see up-to the minute transaction reporting, stock level reports and reports on sales done by each of the store’s cashers. Barbara-Ann is now able to monitor what are the best and worse sellers and to also run various financial reports to assist her in store management.

Staff members are able to record customer details at the time of purchase thus making purchase processing quick and easy. A sales person can enter purchase details by using a barcode reading device or by choosing a product name from the list of the products available in the system.

With sales information being stored on the secure remote server, the store accountant is able to download financial information by accessing FernPOS data over the internet.