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You need a Website YesNo
Your business has multiple locations YesNo
You have different people needing to access various parts of your business information YesNo
You run a retail store YesNo
You already have a website but would like to modernise it YesNo
You have multiple business tasks to manage and monitor on a day-to-day basis YesNo
You are looking at setting up an Internet store YesNo
You need remote access to your business documentation to work from home or to share information between offices YesNo
You need on-line forms to receive requests or information from your customers or partner YesNo
You need to host your business profile images or product images on the web YesNo
You want to have your company information listed on the Internet without spending money on a full scale website YesNo
You need quoting and job scheduling package YesNo
You are a dealer and would like resell FernDigital solutions YesNo
You need a constomised solution for your business YesNo
Email Me The Answer YesNo
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